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Feminine Rejuvenation Treatments

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2017 Finally! Feminine Rejuvenation Treatments that are efficient and require no surgery or downtime

Feminine rejuvenation includes the O-shot and V-lase as well as thermiva

*Did you know that virtually pain-free feminine rejuvenation treatments weren’t available a few decades ago? Well, we have come a long way since then and can provide superior results that are efficient and virtually pain-free and no surgery, or general anesthesia is necessary in most cases.

At Aesthetic Body Sculpture & Anti-Aging Clinic, Dr. Monte Slater offers effective feminine rejuvenation treatments that require no surgery or downtime.

To learn more about these procedures, call us at (770)-766-9684 or schedule an appointment online.

Our Feminine Rejuvenation Treatments include the O-Shot, V-Lase, and THERMIva. 



The O-Shot is platelet rich plasma (PRP) derived from the patient’s blood. The growth factors within our blood are known to rejuvenate the vaginal tissue and increase collagen production and improve circulation.  The treatment is intended to improve the following symptoms: Vaginal dryness, low libido, vaginal laxity, orgasmic function and moderate urinary stress incontinence.  The O-Shot has been getting plenty of press and has been shown on TV Programs, such as “The Doctors” and featured on Broadcasts all around the world, thanks to Charles Runels the inventor and marketer for all Vampire procedures. He intended the O-Shot for women to help sexually abused women overcome sexual dysfunction and painful intercourse caused by the trauma to the vagina. This noble intent turned into a multi-million dollar venture and encouraged other physicians to provide this procedure to women desiring to become more sexually active or want to limit the urinary stress issues and improve overall sexual health.


 Visit the official O-Shot WEBSITE

Dr. Slater offers all Vampire procedures to his patients and is also a Physician’s trainer for all Vampire Procedures offered under the umbrella of  Dr. Charles Runels 

Dr. Charles Runels has participated in Dr. Slater’s latest physician training program in 2016 and endorsed Dr. Monte Slater as a safe medical Vampire Procedure provider in Georgia. Many women opt for the O-Shot to counter a low sexual desire, dyspareunia (painful intercourse), female sexual arousal disorder (the inability to become aroused), or female orgasmic dysfunction (the inability to reach an orgasm). The O-Shot includes a simple blood draw. Once your blood has been drawn,  the plasma is extracted via a centrifuge and re-injected into various areas of the vagina. Dr. Slater numbs the patients before this treatment.  Patients often report experiencing little or no discomfort during the treatment and a tingling or burning sensations that subside shortly after the procedure. ( Usually within a few hours). Slight discomfort and light bleeding are normal. However sexual intercourse is encouraged to couples the same evening of the treatment. Ask Dr. Slater about the possible benefits of immediate interaction with your partner post procedure. The O-Shot is recommended AS a one-time treatment. 

A  re-evaluation and possibly second and third treatment can be considered annually or as recommended by Dr. Slater. 

THE O-SHOT IS AFFORDABLE AND EFFECTIVE FOR MOST WOMEN SUFFERING FROM SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION.  The procedure cost is between $1250-$1600 depending on current offerings. 


V-Lase for Feminine Rejuvenation

V-Lase is a new laser procedure that can help restore sexual function, provide an aesthetic improvement by shrinking external tissue, tighten the inside of the vagina and also limit mild urinary stress incontinence in women. It has been used to treat vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse. When combined with the O-Shot, this treatment can be particularly effective in women suffering from sexual dysfunction and mild urinary stress incontinence. 

To reach the most effective results, V-Lase should be repeated three to four times, each four to six weeks apart, or as instructed by Dr. Slater.  The procedure uses minimally invasive Fraxel laser technology that does not cause extreme discomfort. V-Lase uses a probe that is slowly rotated within the intravaginal area and then on the outside of the vagina to improve skin laxity. This does not cause damage to the vagina. Rather, it has a gentle effect that will encourage to stimulate tissue rejuvenation.

While V-lase is affordable, effective, and minimally invasive, some women are looking for a non-laser solution.  V-Lase Treatments are sold in a series of 3 for $2400, and the special for 2017 includes an additional treatment for free. 

THERMIva for Feminine Rejuvenation

Of all available vaginal rejuvenation treatments, this one is a particularly comfortable. It feels similar to a hot stone massage and can be performed by one of our qualified Nurses. THERMIva tightens both the inside and the outside of the vagina – thus encouraging rejuvenation without pain. THERMmenIva is a popular feminine rejuvenation treatment, but it requires a minimum of 3 treatments with an additional follow-up treatment within 12 months. THERMIva is $800-$900 per treatment and packages are often offered at discounted rates. 

THERMIva can be used to treat mild urinary stress incontinence and many other feminine issues such as vaginal dryness or lack of orgasmic function. You could also find ThermiVa helpful if you have experienced multiple births, menopause, or other physical changes that cause skin laxity inside and out, low libido, and painful intercourse. THERMIva is non-invasive and takes about 45 minutes per treatment. Dr. Slater will advise on how far apart the treatments should be and usually does a complete pelvic exam before performing any feminine rejuvenation treatments. He does not commit to suggesting this treatment and any other female rejuvenation treatment without a medical history or an exam to make sure that you are a candidate. TO VIEW MORE PICTURES OF FEMININE REJUVENATION TREATMENTS CLICK HERE – note explicit photos require age verification. 


Feminine Rejuvenation Treatments

Before and After Pictures of a Caucasian Female in her 60’s with skin laxity, after one treatment with ThermiVa.



Dr. Monte Slater started his career as an OBGYN over 30 years ago with a specialty in Obstetrics and Gynecological surgery. Over a decade ago Dr. Slater committed to entering the world of Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Monte Slater is board certified in both areas. You can look up his qualifications and details of his career by clicking here. 

At Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center For Anti-Aging, we take great pride in our ability to help our patients choose the most effective treatments catered to their needs and desires. 

Dr. Monte Slater utilizes his extensive experience in women’s health and puts patient safety first at all times. Unfortunately, that means he cannot treat cancer patients under any circumstances. His priority is to always practice safe medicine, and he is conservative in his approach.  Dr. Slater makes his recommendations based on each individual’s medical background and expectations are set at the time of consult.  He will discuss possible courses of action only after a one on one consult in either or of the two locations,  Warner Robins or Buckhead Atlanta will he proceed with a final decision. He has been known to visit Savannah Patients for the O-shot and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy at Finger & Associates ( Savannah Anti-Aging Center). 

 V-Lase as a choice for feminine rejuvenation treatments We look forward to hearing from you soon!

ThermiVa for Vaginal Rejuvenation



Be on your way to a happier AND better you by choosing one or even two of our feminine rejuvenation treatments! 

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** Patient Results vary and are not guaranteed. We do not offer medical insurance or insurance billing but offer medical procedure financing through third parties to qualified applicants. We cannot treat cancer patients and put medical safety first at all times. Smoking is not recommended prior or after any medical procedure as it can effect healing and or prevent healing.

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