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Female Hair Loss Causes

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Top Reasons why your hair is falling out and how to stop it!

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When your hair is falling out excessively, it can consume your life and though there are many reasons why women lose their hair, I wanted to address common hair loss reasons in women that can often be reversed. There have been many debates about why tight hairstyles including ponytails can cause hair loss beyond the normal shedding but how do you know that your hair is falling out because of a tight hairstyle? The answers to why many women experience hair loss can be found in numerous articles across the internet, but what is often not found are straight answers on what could really work. The hair industry has made billions of dollars selling products on the internet that may or may not be effective because the reason your hair is falling out may need to be diagnosed first. Is it genetic? Age? Stress? Or is your beloved ponytail the culprit? 

the reason you could be losing your hair includes tight hairstyles. stop your hair from falling out. Rejuvenate Your Skin and hair with PRP Treatments and Vivace RF Skin Treatments For All Skin Tones beautiful black women with beautiful glowing skin

What is reactive Hair Loss?

The latest articles  I read were fascinating and included this subject. Reactive hair loss means you are losing hair as the result of a trigger. Excessive daily hair shedding (which is known as telogen effluvium) is not reliant on having a genetic predisposition, it occurs as the result of an internal imbalance or upset, such as a nutritional deficiency, stress, dieting or an illness.

What is genetic Hair Loss?

There’s a chance you’re genetically predisposed to hair thinning, which means you may see a progressive, gradual reduction in hair volume. In this case, certain hair follicles are sensitive to male hormones and this sensitivity can cause the hair follicles to shrink and produce finer and shorter hairs with each hair growth cycle.

Here are 5 common reasons for Hair Loss in women

1. Tight Hair Styles

Be smart about your hairstyles

Top Reasons why your hair is falling out could be tight hair styles. Don't sleep in your ponytail.

Yes, that high ponytail or knot may look sexy, but it could be placing stress on your hair follicles by pulling on the individual strands. Avoid hairstyles that place traction on the hair for long periods of time and do not sleep in your ponytail, if you want to keep your mane. Recommendations by top hair clinics around the country include avoiding heavy styling creams, and sculpting gel on a regular basis as they can add unnecessary weight to the hair which can also cause traction and damage follicles.

Say yes, to a special occasion

Of course, you can go to that special gala or cocktail party with an up-do a few times per year, but it should not be a regular occurrence and if so this may be the reason why your hair is falling out. The trend for women of all ethnicities to wear weave has caused many women to damage their hair follicles permanently.

Treatment options:

In the case of permanent damage of the follicles, you can try to restore your hair with PRP therapy (platelet rich plasma therapy). Our blood contains PRP, which has growth factors that can rejuvenate damaged tissue and can also stimulate damaged follicles to go back to the growth phase.

PRP is extracted from the patient’s blood and the platelet-rich plasma is separated in a centrifuge and then injected into the areas of hair loss.  The micro-needling technique can also be used to create tiny holes in the scalp allowing the growth factors to seep in and go to work.  Permanent hair transplantation such as the Neograft FUE method causes no linear scar and is minimally invasive, but can be a bit more costly.

Light Therapy – NeoLTS or Laser Cap

Both methods use low light laser therapy and are often available at specialized hair clinics. The advice here is to allow for diagnosis and treatment recommendations by a qualified physician that has experience with the treatment of hair loss.

Causes of Traction Alopecia are tight hairstyles, weave, braids, and ponytails. Find out more by clicking on the image.

2. Stress is the reason why many women’s hair is falling out

Reduce stress in your life

Stress produces increased levels of testosterone, which converts to DHT and interrupts the hair growth cycle. Stress can also constrict the blood supply to the capillaries, causing a lack of oxygen and nutrient uptake, as well as poor vitamin and nutrient absorption of the hair follicles. In addition, stress can cause adrenal fatigue, which can cause many health issues due to the release of the stress hormone called cortisol. So find ways to reduce stress in your life by incorporating exercise, time for yourself, a massage, some fun in the sun and learn how to be still for a few moments every day without your phone, tablet, or computer in front of you.

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress ( prolonged stress) is often caused by family circumstances, work, and financial stress. Stress that hangs around for extended periods of time can cause you to lose your hair and damage your entire body. You must find time to take the pressure off and find things you enjoy to counter the damaging effects of stress. If your hair is falling out, consider visiting a specialist. Talk to a qualified Anti-Aging Specialist about your hair loss issues and find out why your hair is falling out. Only blood work can show deficiencies such as imbalanced hormones, thyroid issues, vitamin deficiencies and more.

3. Hormonal Changes 

Pay attention to your body 

The reasons why your hair is falling out could be? We can help with Female Hair Loss in Atlanta

Hormonal changes during pregnancy or post-pregnancy can lead to temporary hair loss that can last from six months to up to a year after childbirth. This type of hair loss often does not require treatment. If your hair is falling out excessively, seek out a qualified physician that specializes in hormones and the treatment of hair loss.  Aging can also be the reason why your hair is falling out and this can start happening even before you are in full menopause.

Excessive hair loss caused by hormonal imbalance in aging women can cause hair loss that may be permanent if not treated. Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (natural hormone replacement therapy), supplements, and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can often stop this type of hair loss and help regrow hair.

4. Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism

If your hair is falling out excessively, get your “Thyroid” tested

The thyroid gland helps to regulate the body’s metabolism by controlling the production of proteins and tissue use of oxygen. Any thyroid imbalance can cause your hair to fall out because they affect hair follicles. If hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism is left undiagnosed and untreated it may result in anemia and many other health issues that can be way more devastating than hair loss. 

5. Dramatic Weight Loss 

Crash dieting can cause hair loss

According to recent online publications around the globe including publications by Beauty and Health Author Victoria Jowett, a steep drop on the scales can be the cause of hair loss, six to twelve weeks after dramatic weight loss, whether it is intentional or unintentional, hair commonly falls out in excess. While our hair is incredibly important to us psychologically, from a physiologically perspective it is non-essential. This means that nutritional changes and deficiencies first show up in our hair. This is the reason why avoiding crash dieting or depriving your body of balanced meals that include protein, veggies, and even carbohydrates in moderation are important. Living a balanced lifestyle and taking the proper supplements can stop your hair from falling out. If you are like me and do not know what vitamins to choose from and what the proper dosage should be, visit a clinic that specializes in nutritional supplements, hormones and hair. I did and never looked back. 

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