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Our Brazilian Butt Lift Expert Warns His Patients

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The Brazilian Butt Lift and Butt Augmentation via injections, fat transfer or butt implant are in the category of most performed Aesthetic Procedures in the USA for 2019. The latest publications and various internet resources, share disturbing information about the Butt Lift Trend. An abundance of illegal surgeries and injections are performed right here in the USA every day. How does that happen and why? Many young women feel the pressure of the big butt trend. We recommend choosing a qualified physician to perform any medical procedure. 

The Brazilian Butt Trend is causing Deaths in the USA 

Brazilian Butt Lift Butt surgery gone wrong

Story by Charly Kenward- Publication Mirror UK

When Buttocks Injections go wrong!!

Miss BumBum contestant and Brazilian TV presenter reveal the shocking damage caused by fillers injected to give her a bigger bottom and thighs. Though the fat-graft butt lift is currently surging in popularity, the surgery itself is about two decades old. (How the procedure became known as the Brazilian Butt lift is unclear; Leonard Grossman, a New York City-based cosmetic surgeon, claims that he was televised performing a butt lift on a Brazilian patient in 1996, and the name stuck. By the early 2000s, Anthony Griffin, the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who starred on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover,” popularized the Brazilian Butt Lift, suggesting it would make a good 2005 New Year’s Gift. To hear some plastic surgeons tell it, the current so-called booty boom can be traced to the rise of celebrities getting their butts injected or opting for implants.

Butt shots” are often illegally injected in non-medical facilities such as strip malls and Hotels. These Butt injections are made of unknown substances that can cause toxicity in your body that can lead to illness or death.

The Risk of illegal Butt Injections and Implants is not worth it! 

At Slater Aesthetic & Center For Anti-Aging, our first priority is the safety of our patients. This isn’t true for a non-medical individual offering Butt Injections or Butt Implants. When done unprofessionally or incorrectly, you could face serious illness or death. 

The substances are not encapsulated, making it difficult or impossible to remove after injections and often spread through the body or to nearby areas.  View More Butt Injections Gone Wrong 

Side effects include permanent deformities, lumps, blood poisoning, infections, and often require removal of the areas injected and even complete removal of the buttocks and surrounding tissue.

Illegal Butt Injections are banned by the FDA. Why would you risk your life? The average candidate spends between $4000-$5000 for Butt Shots. The average Brazilian Butt Lift cost is between $6000-$7500. 

Do not go overseas to have surgical procedures or butt injections. Other countries have different laws when it comes to medical safety. Some operating facilities in third world countries are unsanitary and there is no post-operative care when you get back to the states. If something goes wrong, medical emergency facilities will not cover the cost of your medical expenses associated with your overseas Aesthetic procedure. 


Before and after Brazilian Butt Lift

Real Patient Before and After Liposuction and Fat Transfer – The Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Monte Slater offers dozens of procedures and Aesthetic treatments that will make you feel more confident and more beautiful without risking your life. The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of Dr. Slater’s specialties and whether you give him the opportunity to help you achieve a fuller rounder butt, or you decide to seek another board-certified physician to achieve optimal results, the goal is to get the message of “Safety First” out to the community. Dr. Slater does not offer Butt Implants, but he offers an alternative to the Brazilian Butt Lift. The alternative is a medically safe injectable. 

Our clinic also offers payment options through various lenders.  Dr. Slater is a double board-certified physician with 30 years of medical experience. It is important to explain the dangers of what can happen when patients deviate from the safe medical route. The Brazilian Butt Lift is done via fat transfer and is a medically safe procedure if performed by a qualified physician.  Illegal butt injections often consist of industrial silicone which is a similar substance to fix a flat for a bike or car tire.


Before and after Brazilian Butt Lift

Real patient Before and after Liposuction with Fat Transfer – The Brazilian Butt Lift.

We offer a minimally invasive liposuction method called PureLipo. This method can be performed under local anesthesia, requires minimal recovery time, and produces amazing results.  

Dr. Slater can transfer your own fat from the back, flanks, abdomen, and thighs to the buttocks and hips. This two-part procedure is called the Brazilian Butt Lift.  Dr. Slater has thirty years of experience and is a double board-certified physician with two local Georgia offices. He performs all Cosmetic procedures in Buckhead Atlanta and in Warner Robins Georgia. Over the past decade, he has performed “Top Aesthetic Procedures” and hundreds of Brazilian Butt lifts without using general anesthesia. 

The latest medically safe injectable “Sculptra”

Sculptra Injectable Filler is a safe way to achieve fuller rounder buttocks without using your own fat.  t requires only two visits within one month and is virtually pain-free. Local numbing is administered to avoid discomfort. 

Sculptra Injectable is a safe method to achieve a rounder fuller Butt. Sculptra Butt Lift Before and After

Patient before and after 2.5 Vials of Sculptra on each side. A total of 5 Vials was injected.

The Sculptra Butt Lift is an alternative for patients that do not want surgery but want a bigger, rounder butt. Sculptra can be ideal for thin patients that do not have enough fat for the Brazilian Butt Lift or patients that are not interested in a surgical procedure. There is no downtime associated with Sculptra. 

Dr. Slater often performs ThermiTight treatments during liposuction with fat transfer. ThermiTight is a treatment that offers the latest RF technology to tighten the skin. Our clinics also offer nonsurgical Body Sculpting “Posh Body Slim” to enhance the results of Lipo, and also to tighten skin and reduce fat without surgery. 

Speak with Dr. Slater about your Aesthetic goals and don’t opt for illegal injections or going overseas to get a bigger butt. When it comes to working with a board-certified physician and a strong team of health professionals, choose Slater Aesthetic & Center For Anti-Aging to meet your needs. We look forward to meeting you and establishing a plan of action. Give us a call today! 770-766-9684 or book a free consult today. Warner Robins Location appointments and Atlanta appointments are booking up fast. GET STARTED! At Slater Aesthetic, we guarantee medically safe practices and a pleasant professional environment.


*The stories and pictures shared are gathered from published sources and are not written or claimed to be true or false by Slater Aesthetic & Center for Anti-Aging. 

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