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Micro-needling Treatments can be beneficial for men and womenMicro-Needling to tighten the skin is becoming a popular treatment option in the USA. Slater Aesthetic Dr. Monte Slater is excited to offer Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (Vampire Facial), and the combination of Platelet Rich Plasma and Dermal Fillers (Vampire Facelift), as a non-surgical option to rejuvenate the face.  Micro-needling cause micro-holes that are an ideal channel to deliver important nutrients and growth factors to the skin. A Micro-pen is used to perform the treatment, be sure the that wherever you go,  that the pen the medical professionals uses is sterile and that there is no cross contamination possible. I know you have questions which Dr. Slater and his qualified team will address on the day of your consultation and prior to the procedure.

Q & A 

Micro-needling for all ethnicities

 Can micro-needling be performed on all ethnicities? 

Yes, micro-needling can be performed on light skin and dark skin types, there are exceptions to the rule. Certain medical conditions and chronic skin conditions will prohibit Dr. Slater and team to perform this treatment. 

Can Men benefit from the treatment? 

Yes, both men and women can benefit for various skin concerns. Men tend to have thicker skin, which means generally less fine lines, but men often struggle with enlarged pores and skin texture issues. 

Does the treatment hurt? 

No, the treatment is virtually pain-free and very tolerable. The face or area that is being treated will be numbed prior to the area. Once numbing wears off you will feel like you have a mild sunburn.

How much downtime do I need? 

No downtime is needed, though immediately after the treatment you should not wear make-up or expose yourself to unnecessary germs. So don’t go to the gym or grocery store immediately after. You should wait 12 hours before returning to normal activities. 

Is it a safe method for skin rejuvenation? 

Yes, if you go to a qualified medical provider with the proper sterilized save equipment

How often should I repeat the micro-needling treatment? 

The frequency of treatments depends on the reason for treatment and Dr. Slater will make his recommendation based on the individual’s needs and goals. 


Micro-needling and Fillers are on of many options for women and men of all ethnic backgrounds. Be Beautiful with the Lunch-Time Facelift- Results not guaranteed 

 MICRO-NEEDLING is proven to be an effective powerful method of delivering growth factors to the skin. The areas that are most popular for rejuvenation and reduction of scars are the face, neck, and decollete. The most popular topical serum used is still HA serum, as it is readily available by many vendors. Dr. Slater offers Amnion, which is derived from amniotic fluid, Amnion contains 120+ growth factors and delivers amazing results. If you are on a budget Vitamin C serum, HA serum and a few others for specific skin conditions are recommended. PRP coupled with micro-needling is a bit more costly much like Amnion, but the best value for someone looking for more drastic results. Women over 40 with facial volume loss and hollows under their eyes, or fine lines and wrinkles, should consider doing a combination treatment consisting of Amnion, Micro-needling, and dermal fillers. Our newest FDA approved filler by Galderma was FDA approved in December of 2016 and is now available at our centers. Restylane Defyne and Restylane Refyne are promising to diminish fine laugh lines without taking away the expression. Talk to Dr. Slater about Restylane Defyne and Restylane Refyne. 

The micro-needling treatment is a more sustainable solution to Anti-Aging by naturally stimulating collagen and elastin with minimal epidermal damage. These treatments help our patients reduce the appearance of common skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and sun damage just to name a few.  Micro-needling also minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores.  The method Dr. Slater uses is sterile and he insists on being in line with medical regulations. Slater Aesthetic welcomes you to schedule your consultation. You can also book your procedure online. We have offices in Buckhead-Atlanta and Warner Robins (near Macon). 

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