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Slater Aesthetics & Anti-Aging
Average rating:  
 48 reviews
 by N. Jackson
Dr. Slater is amazing

No more urinary leakage after getting the O-Shot V-Lase Combination. Dr. Slater is amazing. I highly recommend this business.

Thanks so much for your wonderful review.

 by Ellen
Amazing staff and Doc

Thanks to Dr. Slater and Staff I have my hormones on board and feeling better. They certainly know how to treat patients and care about me.

I highly recommend this business.

 by Angie D
I am so grateful For Dr. Slater!

"I am so grateful for Dr. Slater and his staff. I have never met a physician that was so humble, he genuinely seemed glad that he was able to help me which was astonishing to me seeing as he does these procedures all the time. Everyone who works there is uplifting and very helpful. They all create a very comforting atmosphere, I'm glad I found them!"

 by Ryan Kirby

Went to ABS Clinic in Atlanta to get a bad tattoo I got in college removed. After a couple treatments the star on my chest in hardly visible. Feeling confident after my next visit it will be completely gone. Extremely satisfied with my results and would recommend Dr. Slater's services to anyone. The staff was extremely kind and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

 by Sherrie
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Google Review by Sherrie

Dr. Slater is truly the best cosmetic surgeon and doctor in Atlanta. I have had procedures done at different practices, and none compare to the professional and genuine care of Dr. Slater and his team at Slater Aesthetic & Center for aging. I'm 56 and my hair just started falling out in clumps! I researched PRP for treatment of hair growth, and heard about Dr. Slater. In 35 days, new hair is growing again and I feel peace knowing he completely understands and knows how to help. (Not to mention his wife, Gail, works alongside him, and is kind, knowledgeable and just beautiful inside and out!) I highly recommend driving from anywhere to experience the best you, you'll ever be, no matter your age.

 by Mary Anne
Love them!!

I went to see Dr. Slater hoping to get some help for my aging face, as creams and facials just weren’t cutting it anymore.I was extremely nervous. I was immediately put at ease. Everyone in that office is wonderful, knowledgeable, professional, and just all around lovely people. All, including Dr.Slater, were willing to answer questions gladly with absolutely no “hard sell”or pushy ness.
Dr.Slater, himself is very informative and gentle with procedures.
He did some Dysport, Sculptra, and Juvederm fillers. I feel like a million bucks!!
I highly recommend everything about this office! I will definitely be going back!

 by MK
CoolPeel Laser Treatment Review! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I had a CoolPeel Laser Treatment and my skin looks amazing thanks to this amazing team. My spots have diminished, the downtime was less than a week, and my pores are 100% better. My makeup goes on super smooth.


Thanks so much for your review we appreciate you.

 by GD
Gainswave and P-shot treatments for ED


I am a 67-year-old man and I contacted Dr. Slater for ED treatments with Gainswave therapy and P-shots just over a year ago. I recently began "touch up" treatments as well. I have been very pleased with the treatments and my sexual performance has improved significantly. My wife and I have a very active sex life successfully engaging in intimacy several times each week and sometimes more than once a day. With these treatments, I literally am now able to perform sexually as I did when I was young and with increased confidence. I strongly recommend that any man experiencing ED should definitely consult with Dr. Slater and his staff. They are very professional and make me feel comfortable and at ease with these treatments which work extremely well.

 by Dee
Immediate Results!


Following a severe respiratory infection several months ago, I developed some urinary stress incontinence from intense coughing. After researching online, I learned about the very high success rate (90-100%) from using PRP injections and laser treatments for stress incontinence. I found Dr. Slater through an internet search of doctors who perform these services. I was given great information at my first appointment with Dr. Slater. I was impressed by both his background and knowledge. He explained the V-Lase treatment to me as well as the O-Shot (using Amnion because of my age). I had the first treatment four weeks ago and had immediate results. It’s been so amazing to walk in his office with this problem and walk out without it! No pain, no down time.....just a short treatment and the pesky problem stopped! It sounds too good to be true, I know. I was surprised too! I’ve now had my second treatment with the V-Lase and will return for the third and final treatment next month. Many thanks to Dr. Slater and his awesome staff who work to give their patients great results in a caring environment.

Thanks for sharing this DEE! We appreciate you!

 by Jason G.

Everyone works well together. I never feel like they are rushing me through the process. I did a lot of research and they use top of the line equipment. You will be pleased. Thanks, Jason

Thanks, Jason for having so much confidence in us!

 by Brandon
Exceeded My Expectations!

Dr. Slater and his staff were/are amazing!! I was very nervous in the beginning but they made me feel so comfortable! Office is clean and everyone is professional and extremely nice. My results exceeded my expectations! Cant wait for my massages! Whoop Whoop! I will def be going back and referring my friends and family!

Thanks, Brandon, we count on reviews from our patients!

 by Tasha
Good Doctor

Great doctor, very pleasant attentive and honest. I had 10 vials of Sculptra (5) each side. I had cellulite from sitting for many years at a desk. Dr. Slater told me to have realistic expectations. Fat Transfer is the way to go if you want a much bigger butt.

Thanks, Tasha for leaving this review for us!

 by Shane B
5 Stars for Dr. Slater and his team

Dr. Slater is friendly, helpful, and understanding. I recently moved to Atlanta and was referred to him by another Doctor in Savannah. Thanks to Dr.Slater I feel good about my relationship and my girlfriend does too. If you are looking to improve your intimate life, you have come to the right place. I highly recommend Dr. Slater for various Male and Female Rejuvenation Treatments.

Thanks, Shane for leaving this 5 Star Review on Google for us!

 by Erica

Seriously, this place is the best! They have been so good to me I've gotten a few things done here and I'm really happy with results the doctor really cares and really cares about what you want and keeping you looking natural. I will forever be a customer here and recommend everyone I know! The ladies in the front are also nice caring and easy to talk to as well. Thanks soooo much! Super happy with my results! Erica

Thank you so much Erica, we appreciate you!

 by Liah P. Jones

Loved my experience here! Had a beautiful outcome with my RF facial! The girls in the office were extremely helpful and friendly. And the doctor was knowledgeable and only suggested viable treatment..didn't try to upsell me. Will definitely be returning!

Thanks, Liah for leaving this review.

 by R.
Great Results.

I had lipo done here.  I’m about 3 weeks post op and I’m loving my results already. My experience with the doctor and his staff was phenomenal. The recovery center was awesome and staff readily available to me every need. Thanks for the awesome service. If I decided to get the work done please believe it will be here I just won’t have it done !

 by B. Brown

Dr. Slater and his staff were/are amazing!! I was very nervous in the beginning but they made me feel so comfortable! Office is clean and everyone is professional and extremely nice. My results exceeded my expectations! Cant wait for my massages! Whoop Whoop! I will def be going back and referring my friends and family!

 by Janet R.


Everyone I encountered at this clinic was great! They give awesome customer service, they have uplifting attitudes, and it continues after the service for which you came has been provided. Dr. Slater listens to your concerns and even during your procedure, he addresses sudden questions. Dr. Slater was very gentle with my lip filler procedure. Except for one injection where I felt some pressure, I didn't feel any of the other injections. At one point, I was going to ask him, "Did you start yet?" I received Juvederm Volbella because I only wanted filler in my upper lip because it was very small and thin in ratio to my bottom lip. Also, I wanted a more natural looking lip, rather than one that has obviously been filled. When Dr. Slater completed the process, I was shocked because there was no bleeding, during or after the injection and I never bruised either. In the next 3 days, my lip did not swell above that which it appeared at the clinic. The overall experience from start to finish was perfect! I have a follow-up in 3 days and I'm going to consult with Dr. Slater about getting more Volbella.

Janet R.

 by J.E.
Thank you, Dr. Slater for giving me my life back...

Thank you, Dr. Slater for giving me my life back...

After having back surgery in 2010 I was having problems with incontinence. I was sent to several different doctors, went through several tests, told to do the Kegel exercises, and the last resort was the mesh sling, which I wasn't putting into my body. I was losing my social life due to lack of control.

I started my own research. I found a few doctors that were doing treatment for incontinence using radio frequency, which I couldn't do because of pacemaker. I had heard of PRP (platelet rich plasma) and with the use of laser.

I made an appointment with your office for the V-Lase in September. I was very nervous, but your kind and considerate staff made me feel very comfortable and put my fears to rest. The results were immediate!! I couldn't believe I could go 4 or more hours without any leakage or making sure a bathroom was close. I no longer had to scope out places for bathrooms, cross my legs, I could laugh, sneeze, jump up and down, exercise the way I used to....Since I travel a lot I no longer had to wear diapers on the plane or during sight seeing. Also, I notice when I urinate my bladder is completely empty. The best part is no down time, no Anesthesia in my body.

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful work you do to make life easier and fulfilling.


 by Jenna

I have gotten Botox from other clinics before, but after visiting Dr. Slater's office, I won't be going anywhere else for injections! It was the best, most natural looking results at a very reasonable price. The visit was fast, the staff was friendly! I would recommend Dr. Slater to anyone looking for anti-aging treatments/beauty enhancements - In fact, I have an appointment later this week!

Thanks, Jenna, we appreciate this review!

 by Jamie

Dr. Slater, Mrs. Gail, Cassie and all staff are absolutely incredible! Not only do they make you feel like family, they are professional and truly care about their clients. I've never felt more confident in how I look and will never go anywhere else! They truly are the BEST in the business!

 by Jenna Evans
Botox Rocks

I have gotten Botox from other clinics before, but after visiting Dr. Slater's office, I won't go anywhere else for injections again! It was the best, most natural looking outcome at a very reasonable price. The visit was fast, the staff was friendly! I would recommend Dr. Slater and his team to anyone looking for anti-aging treatments/beauty enhancements - In fact, I have an appointment later this week!

 by Paula

The staff was very helpful and made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend Slater Aesthetic.

 by Yasmin Yasin
I'll def be back!

I really enjoyed my recent visit to Dr. Slater's office. The other cosmetic doctor I had been seeing was always very cold and anti social but Dr. Slater was social, warm and friendly as were the ladies in the office. The pain was extremely minimal compared to my last injection. I'll def be back!

 by P
The gal with too many UTI's

*I am a 54 yr old female and Post Menopausal. Literally, I had so many UTI's, there were no more antibiotics available for me to take. I had developed an immunity to most all. I had taken the strongest dosages antibiotics on the market in both US and China. You see I travel for business, and the International flights were one of the main culprits of so many Urinary Infections. It became a dark and very painful journey for me to constantly battle infection, then antibiotic, then yeast infection, then wait a few weeks? days? only to repeat the cycle once again! To add insult to injury, I have a family history of Incontinence. My sweet Mother was Incontinent (6 live births!). I have an unnatural fear of having the same issue, not "if", but "when?" I've read stories about procedures, surgeries, I know how many different products I purchased for my Mother......YIKES!!! I have played golf with ladies who cannot swing the club without sounding like someone is crunching-up an empty potato chip bag - DOUBLE YIKES!! Is this truly where I want to be in 10 yrs? 15 yrs? 25 yrs? Now, as I have the initial signs of a UTI, I too become incontinent! No! NO!! NO!!!!!

I was already seeing Dr. Slater for hormone therapy, and read about the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment. I discussed with my husband. Since there was no down time, and no recovery time, we decided it was a good option for me. I tried it, IT WORKED! The results were not immediate for me, but the results gradually enabled me to void my bladder completely, and thus eliminate an opportunity for an infection. I saw improvement!

Six months or so later I received a phone call from Dr. Slater's Office telling me about the Thermiva Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy. Please allow me to tell you - DO THIS BEFORE YOU TRY ANYTHING ELSE!!
The Thermiva Vaginal Rejuvenation has changed my life. First, the principal of creating new cells in and around the female area is so simple. The whole idea of enabling your body to naturally re-grow skin cells is brilliant! Secondly, the new cells are more youthful and more likely to operate as they once performed. Let that soak in. If the new cells operate as they once did, then my bladder can void, and I can 'feel the need to void better'. Finally, the new cells are (for lack of a better term) fluffy, or more youthful. So the risk of wiping at potty-time and dragging old creapy skin to the back of your body is simply eliminated. How many times have you been brow-beaten with the most humiliating question "Do you wipe from front to back?"

I have addressed the Urinary Tract Infections, and the Incontinence issues associated with the Platelet Rich Plasma, and the Thermiva Treatments. However I have not even begun to tell you what a difference these treatments have made on our "Bedroom Business". The reason? The most obvious is I feel better, I have not had an infection in over 2 years. And I have pee'd at every doctor's office I possibly could, and each time the results were the same: "Mrs. X, your results are negative." And, I feel great! Another reason for the better "Bedroom Business" is I have had a complete overhaul in that department. Let's face it, girls, most men want a younger model anyway. However they still want the gal with all the brains and the experience too. With these two procedures combined, your parts become as if they are 18 yrs old again, all fluffy and youthful on a body that has our brains. Our mileage, Our maturity, and Our brains, on a body with [what feels like] 18 yr old parts - that's a pretty good deal.

Before you even consider surgery, or any other procedure, call me, talk to someone who went through hell and back only to discover the same doctor that was monitoring my hormone levels also provided me with an injection of my own blood (PRP), and a 30 minute procedure (Thermiva) that changed my life.

Thanks so much for the great review

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