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The Y Lift® 

The Miracle Lunchtime Facelift as featured on Dr. Oz 

The Y LIFT  is a revolutionary patented minimally invasive “NONSURGICAL” Facelift performed in 30-45 minutes guaranteed to give you instant natural-looking results. It was famously dubbed the”Miracle 30-Minute Facelift” by Dr. Oz.

Dr. Monte Slater, our Medical Director is an official provider of the Y Lift. Dr. Slater offers this minimally invasive solution as an alternative to the traditional facelift in Warner Robins and Buckhead Atlanta. 

The Y Lift allows Dr. Slater to create a more youthful defined appearance in his patients. He can do so without the need for surgery.  This procedure has been named one of the “Top Facial Aesthetic Procedures” on the market today. 

Watch the Y Lift performed on Dr. Oz and The Doctors 

The Y Lift is now offered. by Dr. Monte Slater in Atlanta and Warner Robins
The Y Lift Before and after

*Photo Courtesy – Y Lift Center

Say Yes to the Y LIFT. Say Yes to a more Youthful Natural Result.

  • Lift and accentuate Cheekbones

  • Improve Hollowness under the eyes and revive the eye area.

  • Define the jawline and lift the upper neck

Utilizing hyaluronic acid based fillers; structural volumizing lifting and replenishing at the leading edges, this treatment can restore lost volume in the face without the need for surgery.

The Benefits 

  • No Incisions are required
  • Local Anesthesia only
  • No Surgery
  • No Downtime

Who can benefit from the Y Lift?

The Y Lif is ideal for men and women that want to contour, define, lift, and add volume to specific areas of the face. Many people do not have a defined jawline or neck. This procedure can certainly enhance those areas. What about men? Though men age differently, men can also benefit from this procedure. Ask Dr. Slater if you are an ideal candidate. Book your complimentary consultation to find out if you are a candidate. 


Before and after Y Lift by Dr. Monte Slater
Before and after Y Lift by Dr. Monte Slater
Before and after Y Lift by Dr. Monte Slater
Before and after Y Lift by Dr. Monte Slater

*Aesthetic Body Sculpture Center for Anti-Aging owns all rights to the Images displayed.

How does Dr. Slater perform the Y LIFT?

A specialized cannula is inserted beneath the skin and muscle. The muscles are lifted by the instrument and FDA-approved hyaluronic acid fillers are then injected to hold the muscle in its newly elevated placed. The strength of the muscle maintains the filler in place longer than traditional methods and gives it a lift while also preventing premature sagging. The face is then sculpted by Dr. Slater with his hands. The best part is that there is less bruising and swelling because the Filler is not injected into the skin and there is no use of needles like in regular filler injections. Results of the Y LIFT last 2-3 years on average. The Y Lift does not stop the need for Botox/Dysport for frown lines. 

Y Lift by Dr. Monte Slater
Before and after Y Lift by Dr. Monte Slater

*Aesthetic Body Sculpture Center for Anti-Aging owns all rights to the Images displayed.

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