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The O-Shot the breakthrough solution for Female Rejuvenation 

Why do women get the O-Shot?

Many women decide to receive this treatment to enhance their intimate life after many years of marriage, or to simply get a jump start on preventing the lack of desire and to improve orgasmic function. In addition, the O-Shot can be a life changer when it comes to post-baby stages and pre-menopause. 

Beautiful woman stay young with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and our Lunch-Time Facelift Hot Topics in Aesthetic - How to look young without surgery the O-Shot is the female rejuvenation treatment derived from Platelet Rich Plasma

O-Shot for women with sexual dysfunction

 Feel better than ever with this natural virtually pain-free treatment. The O-Shot for women is a PRP Treatment- Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy derived from your own blood. Dr. Monte Slater offers the O-Shot in two offices in the southeast and is happy to report the feedback has been very positive.

Dr. Monte Slater is a double-board certified physician with 30 years experience in medicine. He also offers the  P-Shot for Men as an important life-changing Anti-Aging Treatment. The O-Shot and P-Shot are great non-surgical alternatives to improve overall sexual function and health. 

The O-Shot could be the answer 

Hypoactive Sexual Desire  (Low desire). This is not considered a disorder unless it is disrupting the woman’s pleasure in life. About 10% of women suffer from this problem. Dealing with a sexual disorder does not simply make sex unpleasant, but improving sex can lead to more energy, more creativity, increased confidence, less depression, and improved overall health.

  • Female Sexual Arousal Disorder: (usually but not always accompanies Sexual Desire Disorder). Women who suffer from this disorder may desire sex, but it is very difficult for these women to become aroused. 
  • Female Orgasmic Disorder: A woman may be able to reach a state of arousal, but she is unable to reach orgasm. This can be so frustrating for the woman that sex becomes a frustration to be avoided.
  • Dyspareunia: This is a disorder in which the woman suffers from pain during sex that is not caused by decreased lubrication or vaginal spasm. This disorder is fairly common and affects nearly 1 in 5 women. Solid Statistics show an unbelievable number of women in the US. suffer silently!

How does the O-Shot work?

The O-hot begins with a simple blood draw, then the growth factors in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are extracted from the patient’s blood. A machine called a centrifuge separates the Platelet Rich Plasma from the rest of the blood. The O-Shot is not painful nor lengthy.  Dr. Monte Slater will provide a local anesthetic prior to performing the procedure and assures the comfort of his patients. Minimal discomfort is to be expected. 

After numbing is administered the Platelet Rich Plasma is injected into an area near the clitoris and into an area of the vaginal that is most important for the sexual response (called the O-Spot or G-Spot). 

Summary of Benefits 

  • Improve Overall Sexual Function 
  • Increase Desire 
  • Improve  Orgasmic Function 
  • Increase Natural Lubrication 
  • Minimize Painful Intercourse 
  • Decrease Urinary Stress Incontinence

Combining the O-Shot with V-Lase might be the solution for even better results. The V-lase is a nonsurgical, pain-free laser treatment that requires no downtime at all.

V-Lase treatments can be effective to tighten the vagina on the inside and also help to shrink the tissue of the labia. V-Lase improves the Aesthetic Appearance of the Vagina and helps to create a more youthful appearance while enhancing libido and minimizing excessive urinary urge. 

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