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Aesthetic Treatments that are perfect for the cooler season!

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Can you guess 5 popular “Aesthetic Treatments” for this upcoming Fall and Winter?

Laser Hair Removal is a popular treatment for the cooler season

#1 Laser Hair Removal for men and women

Direct Sun exposure right after the Motus AX Laser Hair Removal Treatment is not recommended and also not comfortable. The cooler weather not only makes this process easier because we naturally wear more clothes but also allows for treatments to be completed by the time the next spring season rolls around you can be completely Hair-FREE without the worry of razor bumps on your arms, chest, legs or anywhere else on the body. Find out more about the Motus AX Laser Hair Removal System. This system uses the latest technology ideal for all ethnicities and it’s pain-free.

#2 Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments for Skin Rejuvenation & to promote Hair Growth

Though PRP Treatments for the Face, Body & Hair are truly year around treatments, who wants to deal with staying out of the sun for days after getting micro-needled with PRP, or after getting injections for Hair Growth. Everything seems a bit easier when it is a bit cooler. The biggest kicker is that you can commit to a series of treatments when you don’t have to worry about the social functions, family vacations and weekend visits to the beach. Platelet Rich Plasma can be paired with a variety of treatments for even more powerful results and if you are planning on getting Hair Growth Injections just go ahead and treat yourself to the famous Vampire Facial The good part is that if you do a two-part treatment, we can help you save money, time and will also only need to draw your blood once!

Popular Aesthetic Treatments for fall include PRP Facials and Skin Peels

PRP Facials and Skin Peels

#3 Skin Peels and Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Technically most Laser Facials and Peels can also be performed during the Summer Season as long as you can avoid direct sunlight, overheating, and of course if you are willing to cancel your trips to the beach. Peels for the face, neck and decollete are just a bit more comfortable during the Fall and Winter months and the entire reason to commit to Peels and Laser Skin Rejuvenation is usually to get rid of freckles, age spots, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation and simply to rejuvenate the skin after the hot Summer Months. Dr. Slater suggests Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatments and Peels during the late Summer Season to early Spring Season. September through April is ideal if you live in the south.

#4 Liposuction & Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Slater performs Liposuction and the Brazilian Butt Lift during all seasons but he sees a tremendous increase in demand during the cooler months. This is due to obvious reasons. Unless schedule is an issue with work or family dynamics do not permit it during any other time. the optimal time to commit to these two surgical procedures is during the cooler months. Dr. Slater performs minimally invasive procedures only and does not use General Anesthesia, which makes the recovery time minimal. The ideal time to commit to the Brazillian Butt Lift is between September and April, much like with the Hair Transplantation. Of course, life does not always permit the ideal time for anything, but if you can, now is a perfect season. Garments should be worn consistently for an extended period of time after the procedure for the best results. This is, of course, more uncomfortable during the Summer.

Learn more about the Brazilain Butt Lift Procedure here.


#5 Restore your Hair-Line when it’s cooler!

Hair Restoration with the FUE NeoGraft Procedure

Again, technically this is a procedure can be performed during any season, but it just makes more sense to undergo this minimally invasive method of permanent Hair Restoration when it is not too hot outside. Swelling can be expected for a short period of time and during the Heat of the Summer, and can naturally be a bit more comfortable during the cooler months. Though Neograft does not require extensive downtime, nor is there an incision, healing works better when there is little direct sun exposure after the grafts have been placed in their new location. Getting overheated after Neograft has been known to cause swelling. So this is the perfect season if you have been considering a hair transplant. Women and men of all ethnic backgrounds can commit to this type of transplantation method and results are truly permanent.

Learn more about Hair Loss and Hair Restoration.

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