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Hair Loss Statistics & Treatment Options

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ATL Hair Clinic and Dr. Slater at your service. The LATEST Hair Loss Statistics show that approximately 21 million women and 35 million men suffer from hair loss. Beginning at age 35 with a 40% Hair loss rate for men and growing to a 70% Hair loss rate for men age 80, the majority of the world’s population will lose more hair than they ever thought of and they will need professional services to help them restore their hair or live with the hair loss. By age 60, women suffering from hair loss will be in the 80% range

Hair Loss Statistics show mind boggling numbers even in young men


Many of Dr. Slater’s patients are unaware of the options available when it comes to hair loss treatments. The treatments and hair systems that are available are very different in comparison to even 10 years ago. Advancement in research and technology has made it possible to educate and treat hair loss. Many hair loss specialists offer free evaluations so that you can find out your hair loss cause and be made aware of the best options. Although we’ve read that 47% of people with hair loss would spend their life savings on restoring their hair it may be unnecessary with so many options available. 

Hair Restoration can be very affordable when it comes to nonsurgical methods. The average price for PRP for an example is $1000 per treatment (for PRP Scalp Injections) and permanent hair restoration without a linear scar (FUE) starts at an average of 5,500 up to $13,500 on average. 

Hair Transplants can be financed for several years through medical loan companies. Incentives often include interest-free options  as well a complimentary pre-hair transplant visits and post-hair transplant follow-up visits.

Dr. Slater offers effective solutions at ATL Hair Clinic (Buckhead Hair Restoration) Dr. Slater includes one complimentary Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment  with all FUE hair transplantations. If the cause is imbalanced hormones, Dr. Slater can offer natural hormone replacement solutions to counter the hair loss.

Traction Alopecia caused by tight hairstyles is an issue among women and often the hair follicles can be damaged. If the hair follicles are not too damaged PRP Therapy and NEOlts Light Therapy  might be effective to grow the hair back. 

Hair Loss Statistics

Hair Loss Statistics

Hair Loss Statistics show that there is usually a Solution!

Whether it be via medication, Hair – Scalp treatments with PRP (and as of recent Amnion), Laser Hair Therapy, & NeoGraft,  there is something for most people looking for a solution to healthier thicker hair.  The future looks bright when it comes to the hair restoration industry. We are concerned about the emotional effect hair loss can have on men and women of all ages and ethnicities.  We want to do all that’s necessary to make the public aware and are eager to let them know that most folks can benefit from one or more of these hair loss services without breaking the bank. 



Hair Loss Statistics

Hair Loss Statistics show that Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments can be an effective treatment option for hair loss in men and women. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy could yet be another solution for women and men suffering from certain types of hair loss, particularly at a certain age. (40+ in women). The Hair Loss causes must be diagnosed by a qualified physician before starting any treatment plan.

The Hair Loss statistics show that options for Hair Restoration are many, so use your resources to inform yourself and know that you can most likely have a full head of beautiful, lasting hair for the rest of your life if you choose so.

Dr. Slater was greatly encouraged by reading about NeoGraft for permanent Hair Restoration and opted to add NeoGraft to his practice over five years ago.Research and improvement to known treatments as well as new methods and hair growth products are on the horizon and Buckhead Hair Restoration the sister company to Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic is always on the search for the latest and most innovative solutions on the market. 

Hair Loss Statistics show that the most common link to temporary Alopecia is Stress! 

The Question: Why is my hair falling out? The Answer: It could be Stress! When questioned as to what was going on in their life when they first noticed a change in their hair? Most of the people said it was stress.
Hair Loss Statistics

 Stress the silent killer published by the American Hair Society – Jamie Elmore

Stress can be defined as the brain’s response to any demand. Many things can trigger this response, including change. Changes can be positive or negative. Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way. Hair Loss Statistics show that there is a direct connection to Alopecia and Stress.

When our bodies sense danger, whether it’s real or imagined, the body’s defenses kick into high gear in a rapid automatic process known as the “flight or fight or freeze” reaction or stress response. The stress response is the body’s way of protecting itself.

  Dealing with a lot of stress in your life can certainly cause temporary hair loss. This is called stressed induced Alopecia. Stress is a silent killer. Most of the time we don’t realize we are under stress or the impact it has on our bodies until the symptoms are visible.

After we have identified the stress in our life, we need to improve our self-image and self-love. We have to make ourselves a priority!

These are a few examples of how we can empower our- selves as a human being and as a person living with hair loss. (originally published by Jamie Elmore).

  • Be kind and positive to yourself
  • Forgive Yourself
  • Let go of worry
  • Fall in love with yourself
  • Eliminate self-criticism
  • Trust yourself

Learning how to love ourselves and identify the stress in our life starts with a conscious decision and intention to become happy and lead a fulfilled life. Hair loss is a traumatic life-altering event. We have to get to the root of what is causing it and start from there. No matter what happens in our lives we need to understand weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!

 Read this Article in its entirety – originally published by the American Hair Society

Hair Loss Statistics

Additional Hair Loss Statistics – Men  & Hair Loss and Hair Restoration Risks

According to the American Hair Loss Association, androgenetic alopecia—also known as common male pattern baldness—is the reason behind 95 percent of hair loss in men. On average, about 25 percent of males start losing their hair before they reach the age of 21. Nearly 65 percent of men will be walking around with less hair by their 35th birthday, and about 85 percent of men will be dealing with significantly thinning hair by the time they turn 50. Hair Loss Statistic show“ the risks are very minimal,” Dr. Monte Slater, Medical Director of Buckhead Hair Restoration practices safe medicine. There is a “low possibility” of infection, as well as improper healing, “but it’s very rare and has not been reported in Dr. Slater’s practice as of yet. There is a particularly low risk with the FUE Method. No Linear Scar – Minimally Invasive – Method of Hair Restoration.

In fact, the biggest danger and complication may result from seeking treatment from an unqualified provider. One of the main problems in the Hair Industry is that it’s exploding at such a fast pace,”  Unfortunately, there are lots of unlicensed health practitioners performing this procedure and people are not getting the results they should.” Dr. Slater is a double board-certified physician as mentioned before and he practices safe medicine at all times. Though guarantees are never provided and vary from patient to patient, he is dedicated to his patients and his staff.

One possible side effect from a hair transplant gone wrong is indeed more baldness. An unqualified team can “over-harvest” during the FUE technique (otherwise known as Follicular Unit Extraction, where individual follicles are extracted from the back and sides of the head). “In other words, taking too many follicles in one area and creating bald patches. * Results are never guaranteed and vary from person to person. 

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