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Does the O-Shot and P-Shot really work when it comes to Sexual Dysfunction in women and men?

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The O-Shot for improved sexual function and overall vaginal rejuvenation was invented and first demonstrated by Dr. Charles Runels, a world renown physician from Alabama. THEY CALL HIM DR. ORGASM.

We want to explain both the O-Shot and P-Shot to you and why it could be the answer for you and your partner. First of all, let us get started with what these treatments are and who could benefit from them.   



The O-Shot and P-shot are both trending treatments for 2017 and have been gaining media attention for over 5 years. The Doctors featured multiple episodes around the topic of the Vampire Procedures and their inventor.  The O-Shot and P-Shot were invented and trademarked by Dr. Charles Runels and those trademarked treatments are only offered by a network of board certified physicians that belong to his authorized providers. 

Complimentary Consults with Dr. Monte Slater

Dr. Monte Slater of Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic and Center for Anti-Aging is one of the popular doctors in Atlanta that regularly performs the O-Shot and P-Shot on women and men that want to optimize sexual function and rejuvenate their body. Dr. Slater is highly qualified and is double board certified with 30 years experience.



Read the Article featured in the Guardian.


O-Shot for women & P-Shot for men are one of many anti aging treatments offered by Dr. Slater. For more Cosmetic Procedures and Anti-Aging Treatment Options call us at 770-766-9684

The O-Shot and P-Shot can enhance intimacy among couples of all ages.


The O-Shot and P-Shot explained

The O-Shot and P-Shot were developed initially to aid in sexual dysfunction for both men and women. The O-Shot was specifically created for women and the P-Shot for men.  PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is used in this procedure and derived from the patient’s blood via a simple blood draw. PRP is said to be the healing power within our blood because the PRP contains growth factors that have been utilized in sports medicine and dentistry for many decades.  PRP is what the O-Shot and P-Shot utilize to increase overall sexual health in men and women. So how does it work and what can Platelet Rich Plasma do? Good Question! 

What is PRP?  The O-Shot and P-Shot utilize PRP but there is more to it! 

According to online sources – Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein derived from whole blood, centrifuged to remove red blood cells. It has a greater concentration of growth factors than whole blood and has been used to encourage a brisk healing response across several specialties. Found effective for Hair Growth, Anti-Aging, & NOW Sexual Function.

PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma contains 8 identifiable growth factors and has regenerative abilities that can stimulate healing and rejuvenation.  When injected into the Vagina or the Penis it can aid the body’s natural healing process, rejuvenate cells and increase circulation.  The benefits of PRP when injected into the vagina include reduction of moderate stress urinary incontinence, increased lubrication and increased orgasmic function. The resulting benefits of PRP when injected into the penis typically include tissue growth which can enhance the size of the penis and also create harder erections by providing better blood flow. There are more benefits for the O-Shot and P-Shot. Increased sensitivity and improved libido for both, men and women are one of the big reason why this treatment is quickly gaining popularity among people in the USA. Read about the O-Shot Procedure on our site.

Women reported that their partners are noticing that the vagina is tighter and more lubricated almost immediately after the treatment.Men reported changes in girth and length of the penis and that they are experiencing harder erections within weeks of receiving the injections. Because the treatment uses the patient’s blood-derived plasma, it is non-allergenic and free of harmful side effects. The O-Shot and P-Shot benefits are amazing and are reported on Shows like – The Doctors, ABC News featured the treatments multiple times and Dr. Charles Runels is traveling to private practices across the Globe to educate physicians about these treatments.

Could PRP be the cure for erectile dysfunction? Ask Dr. Slater in Atlanta about the P-Shot or O-Shot and if you live in the area you may want to consider this treatment. Dr. Slater trains other physicians in the USA about injection methods and PRP and is endorsed to offer Vampire Procedure
Training by Dr. Charles Runels himself.


The interview with the inventor!

O-Shot Inventor Charles Runels

Photo Credit – Bryan Tarnowski by the Guardian

They call him Dr. Orgasm – Charles Runels 

According to an article published in the guardian in 2016, there is still controversy about PRP injections debates continue, but the patients continue to give physicians like Dr. Slater positive feedback.

The non-surgical treatment that aims to facilitate and improve orgasms in women, which Runels trademarked in 2011, can only be performed by him or one of the more than 500 certified practitioners he’s trained over the years. It has two steps: first, he extracts PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, from a woman’s blood (usually taken from her arm). He then re-inserts it into the clitoris and the ceiling of her vagina with a syringe. The infusion of white blood cells, according to Runels, increases lubrication and sensitivity, allowing the patient to reach climax easily.

Today, more than 20,000 women have had the procedure done, and Runels estimates an 85% success rate. In the mainstream medical community, however, the O-Shot is controversial; its findings are viewed as inadequately tested (it’s not FDA approved), and some question whether its effects boil down to nothing more than placebo.

But Runels insists the procedure changes lives. He also claims it can cure incontinence and pain during sex caused by anything ranging from scarring after childbirth to post-radiation dryness and even female genital mutilation (FGM). For Runels, the ability to have good orgasms “empowers” assault victims and is essential to a woman’s “overall well-being”.

As I listened to him describe the procedure and his philosophy, I wondered: who was this man who’d dedicated so much of his life to helping women orgasm? What was behind Runels’ fixation? 

Read the article in its entirety >>>>

The P-Shot (Priapus Shot) is trademarked by Dr. Runels. The Priapus Shot® procedure indicates a specific way of treating the penis with blood-derived growth factors extracted from the man’s own blood (autologous). Some people call these blood-derived growth factors platelet-rich plasma (PRP) but there may be growth factors in plasma we don’t yet know about that do not come from the platelets. The name “Priapus Shot®” is registered with the US Patent & Trademark office as a “service mark” to protect patients by indicating a specific protocol.The O-Shot (Orgasm Shot) is also trademarked by Dr. Runels and Dr. Slater is an authorized provider in Atlanta. 

When Harry Met Sally! Who can forget the movie? What does the O-Shot have to do with it? Don’t you want what Sally had? 

 (R) Reviews from Charles Runels, MD on Vimeo.

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