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Look Younger with Vivace RF Micro-needling

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Get Beautiful Skin and Look Younger with Vivace RF

Named Top Skin Treatment for 2019 

Vivace RF Micro-Needling is one of the Top Nonsurgical Skin Rejuvenation Treatments in the USA. Vivace RF tightens, smooths, and evens out skin tone. In addition Vivace can treat active acne and reduce scars caused by acne. This treatment is  a perfect prevention and maintenance treatment for women and men of all ages and if you are seeking a treatment that can help you look youthful longer you should consider starting your treatment plan now. 

Remember, rejuvenating your skin does not any longer require many weeks of downtime and with Vivace RF there is no downtime.  Vivace can be combined with other treatments such as CoolPeel Laser, or the Subnovii Plasma Pen for even better results.

Vivace RF Micro-Needling can be ideal for patients that want to have a minimally invasive treatment to revitalize their complexion, lift and tighten skin, remove fine lines, and even diminish scars from previous breakouts.

 Vivace RF Microneedling treatments are available at our clinics in Warner Robins and Buckhead-Atlanta. Look Younger with Vivace RF.

How Does Vivace RF Microneedling reverse skin damage?

The Vivace RF Micro-Needling system combines Radiofrequency Energy (which tightens the skin) and 36 Microneedles that penetrate  in to the skin up to 3.7 millimeters causing micro-damage which increases collagen production  but does not cause damage to the outer layer of the skin. Vivace RF can be performed to rejuvenate the face, neck, and body and give you the best results without the downtime of more invasive treatments. 

Can You Rejuvenate Your Skin If You Have a Darker Complexion?

Look Youthful with Vivace RF


Yes, you can. This treatment is ideal for all skin complexions. The Vivace RF Micro-Needling System is one of the most effective cosmetic treatments in its class.  Whether you are a young adult looking to get rid of acne or an older adult looking to reduce scars that have plagued your skin since your younger years, the System is designed to be a minimally invasive solution while still offering compelling benefits at an affordable price.

What Are The Advantages of Vivace RF Micro-Needling?


Minimizes Enlarged Pores – Large pores lead to oily skin. When this oil mixes with the dead skin cells in your pores, it causes a blockage that becomes enlarged and forms a blackhead. Vivace RF Micro-Needling helps you minimize those large pores to reduce the frequency of blackheads.

Reduces Scarring – If you have surgical scars or old scars that were caused by other skin conditions, Vivace RF Micro-Needling can help reduce their appearance and address other similar scarring concerns on your skin.

Say Goodbye to Acne and Acne Scars – Acne is a problem that can cause major issues, not only for young teenagers but for adults later in life. Get rid of your acne and acne scars for good with the help of Vivace RF Micro-Needling Treatments.

Drastically Reduces The Effects of Stretch Marks – Whether it’s from rapid weight changes or a past pregnancy, stretch marks can look unsightly. Luckily, you can use Vivace RF Micro-Needling to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Vivace RF is truly ideal for Face and Body Rejuvenation. 

 Repairs Damage From Sun Exposure – Sun-damaged skin can be repaired using the Vivace RF Micro-Needling Procedure. If you spent a little too much time in the sun on a recent holiday, come to our Medical Spa n Buckhead-Atlanta or Warner Robins and we’ll help rejuvenate your skin with this treatment.

Drastically Boosts Collagen and Elastin Fiber Production – Collagen and elastin are fibers that help support the growth and repair of your skin. It helps your skin maintain firmness and elasticity, and its production can be stimulated by using our Vivace RF Micro-Needling Cosmetic Procedure.

Pain-Free – The entire process is pain-free and   You’re able to return to your normal life as soon as you walk out of our clinic. You may notice that your skin is a little red and a little more sensitive (much like a mild sunburn for a few days).  You might experience peeling of the skin within the first week after the treatment. Vivace RF Micro-Needling produces better results which each treatment. 

Rejuvenate and restore your skin. Vivace RF Micro-Needling  is offered in  Buckhead, Atlanta, and Warner Robins, Georgia. 

What does RF stand for?

Vivace RF Beauty Treatments for all ethnicities - HydraFacial


RF stands for Radiofrequency.

Radiofrequency provides heat that stimulates your collagen production which has been proven to lead to tighter, more youthful looking skin.

2. How Many Vivace RF Skin Treatments Does It Take?

Visible improvement of skin texture can be seen as soon as three days after the first treatment. Vivace RF treatments, should be spaced four to six weeks apart and 3-6 treatments are recommended for best results. 3. How Long Does Each Treatment Take? 

The actual treatment takes about 30 minutes but set aside an additional 30-45 minutes from start to finish. Look Younger with Vivace RF in as little as one treatment. 

4. Can I Wear Makeup Right After Treatment?

 No, You should not wear makeup right after receiving Vivace. Most patients go out hours after the treatment with no makeup at all. To maximize the results, don’t wear makeup during the first four to six hours after treatment. 

5. How Do I Get The Best Results From Vivace RF Skin Treatments?

If you chose Vivace RF Skin Treatments, you’ve started with the right device. Now, it’s up to you to follow through on your individualized treatment protocol. Our team of medical professionals will discuss your plan and will follow up with you. 

6. What Type Of Skin Can Most Benefit From Vivace RF Skin Treatments? 

All skin types and complexions can benefit from Vivace RF Skin Treatments, including pale skin complexions and African-American skin. Men and women can equally benefit from these treatments. 

7. How Long Do Results Last?

Depending on age, skin texture, genetics, and other factors, the results can vary and are better predicted by the physician and aesthetician. The collagen and elastin you make is your own and continues to accelerate production over the 3-6 months following your Vivace RF Treatment. Results will improve over time.

8. What Is My Recovery Time? 

The micro-holes created during Vivace RF Skin Treatments remain open for a limited time (up to 6 hours on average). There is no recovery time, we just ask you not to wear makeup or use any products the day of procedure. 

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