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The Newest Generation in Advanced Micro-Needling 

VivaceRF Micro-Needling

Dr. Slater offers the VivaceRF Micro-Needling Treatment for skin rejuvenation of the face, neck, and body at his Atlanta and Warner Robins locations. This procedure is ideal for all ethnicities and even darker skin can be treated effectively.

VivaceRF Micro-Needling is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared skin tightening procedure that stimulates collagen and elastin by combining Radiofrequency with Micro-Needling. 

The procedure consists of placing a handpiece made of either insulated gold microneedles on the skin which then release the MFR energy into the skin’s many layers. The use of the microneedles and MFR energy helps to penetrate the skin while the top layer is left unchanged.

This innovative equipment allows for comfort maximization and overall satisfaction with the procedure. The settings can be completely customized to suit different skin types, treatment areas, and skin concerns. The risk for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (dark spots) is also lowered for those patients with darker skin tones and is safe for use on patients suffering from melasma or other colored lesions.

A red LED laser is used to trigger skin cells to increase collagen production, improving the skin’s tone and texture. A blue LED laser then acts on any existing acne-causing bacteria, successfully improving the appearance of any preexisting acne.

Our Estheticians and Nurses offer VivaceRF Micro-Needling Treatments in Atlanta and Warner Robins.  

VivaceRF Micro-Needling before and after 6 weeks.

*VivaceRF Micro-Needling Treatment before and 6 weeks after -The goal was to lift and tighten the skin of the face and neck.

Why Choose VivaceRF Micro-Needling? 

VivaceRF Micro-needling allows for better absorption of skin nutrients and growth factors when introduced right after the treatment while the Micro-channels are open. (4-6 hours). Some of our favorite combinations include Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Amnion growth factor serum for even better results. VivaceRF uses are not limited to one skin type and can treat various skin types and skin problems. This includes Sunspots and other Hyperpigmentation issues.  It is also an excellent treatment option for anti-aging, active acne, and acne scars.


The needles of the VivaceRF Micro-Needling device and the robotically driven handpiece offer a virtually pain-free treatment experience that does not require downtime. The treatment is performed under topical anesthesia with sterile micro-needles which creates many microscopic channels. Micro-needle electrodes deliver energy deep into the dermis without damaging the epidermis. The precise delivery of radiofrequency energy to varying depths of penetration gives this treatment the ability to deliver exceptional outcomes.

VivaceRF Micro-Needling Benefits  at a Glance 

  •  Skin Tightening & Lifting
  • Requires No Downtime 
  • Treats Face, Neck & Body 
  • Reduces Scaring 
  • Treats Acne 
  • Virtually Pain-Free 
  • Under $1000 per Treatment

*patients result are not guaranteed and vary from patient to patient.

VivaceRF Micro-Needling can be used for for active Acne and to reduce scars

Acne Scars and active Acne can be treated effectively with VivaceRF – Picture courtesy of

VivaceRF Micro-Needling promotes the remodeling of collagen and elastin, which enhances skin laxity (tightens skin). Pulses of light activate skin cells to increase collagen production, moisture levels in the skin, and improve skin tone, texture and can reduce acne scars and active acne outbreaks. Ordinary Micro-needling Treatments cannot be administered during acute outbreaks. Vivace can be used during acute outbreaks, this is a huge advantage. If you are interested in booking your Vivace treatment or your initial consultation, please book online by submitting the form below. 


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*patients result are not guaranteed and vary from patient to patient.



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