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Skinbetter Science Products on the Forefront of “Anti-Aging Skin Care”

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Why should you use skinbetter science skin care products?


Why should you take advantage of the skinbetter science skin care product line? There are a vast number of reasons – many of which we’ll cover over the course of this article. The skinbetter science team has a strong understanding of the aging process as it relates to skin and how to fight it. Tapping into that knowledge is priceless.



About skinbetter science

Experts at skinbetter science were the original creators of Restylane and Dysport as we know it today. The same team of scientists decided to create a superior skin care system that works much like injectable fillers, by stimulating collagen and elastin to re-create a youthful appearance.  The team believes in a “comprehensive approach to age management” that includes a complete commitment to skincare and healthy living.

Developers at Skinbetter have worked hard to create a new set of clinical skincare products using cutting edge techniques and science. Breakthroughs have taken place all over the world, bringing skin rejuvenation and anti-aging to the forefront of medicine. 

When you choose skinbetter science products, you can rest easy knowing that your safety is a top priority. The brand is all about trust, comfort, and exceeding expectations. You will notice measurable benefits and a quality experience that you can carry into your day-to-day life.

“Skinbetter’s formulas not only deliver measurable results but also focus on tolerability and elegance,” the skinbetter science website states in a promotional video.

Skinbetter Science

The Experience

As the graphic above shows, skinbetter Science is focused on three major benefits. These benefits include unique formulas, a luxurious experience, and cutting edge science.

While many brands claim to believe in these principles, skinbetter science delivers. Each product really works, leaving behind a list of positive results that are completely worth the cost. When companies genuinely care about science, ingredients, and the effort put into their products, a truly impressive idea can emerge. We’ve found that idea in Skinbetter Science.

You’ll notice this idea when you try every single skinbetter product. Even before you’ve applied the cream, serum, or other treatment, you’ll note the care and patience that has been put into each bottle. Our team at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center For Anti-Aging highly recommends skinbetter products. Why? Because we like to see results just as much as our patients do.


skinbetter science

Available Products

The team at skinbetter science is currently focusing on regeneration, antioxidants, lifting, and smoothing.

Under regeneration, products include Alpharet Overnight Cream and Intensive Overnight Cream.

The Alto Defense Serum focuses on antioxidant technology.

You’ll find the InvisiLift Lifting Experience is especially impressive, with dramatic results in just one three-minute application.

Finally, smoothing is settled in Rejuvenate Intensive Treatment, Daily Treatment Cream, and Smoothing Experience – each of which carries a different focus such as eyes, wrinkles, or the face.

Learn more about these products by visiting Dr. Slater’s offices in Atlanta and Warner Robins Ga.


Buying products

skinbetter science

Skinbetter science products are not sold online and are exclusively sold in Med-Spas and Physician’s offices around the globe. Why? The company believes that identifying and  the cause of skin issues and proper skin care treatment should take place in a professional environment that can consult patients on what the first step is. It is truly simple, and often there are specials within the actual offices. 

Start by visiting us and meeting our licensed esthetician for a free skin analysis. We use the Visia Complexion Analysis Machine, which is a 3D program to identify skin quality and texture.   Aesthetic Body Sculpture’s team can teach you about each product. Decide what you’d like to accomplish, and we will help you achieve it.

Skinbetter science featured in Allure Magazine for 2017


Why choose Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging to purchase your skinbetter science products?

When you visit Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center For Anti-Aging, you’ll find that Dr. Slater and his team are professionals that pair skinbetter science products with innovative Aesthetic Treatments and Anti-Aging. Visit one of our convenient locations in Atlanta and Warner Robins to speak with us about your skin goals. 

Call (770)-691-0656 or schedule an appointment online to get started.

You deserve beautiful, smooth, soft skin that radiates confidence.

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