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Grow Old Forever YoungOur Mission

*Feel Vital, Look Youthful, Live Well!

At Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging our ultimate “Goal”
is to optimize and revitalize, to expand the quality of life while getting older.

“Grow Old Forever Young.”

About Us

*Dr. Monte Slater is a double board certified physician with 30 years of experience in medicine. For the last decade he committed himself to both, men and women as it relates to Aesthetics, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Because Hair Loss is a common issue in men and women, Dr. Slater offers NeogGraft Hair Restoration along with other non-surgical solutions  for hair loss. PRP Therapy has become quite popular for hair loss and can be effective for the right candidate. We pride ourselves in educating our patients and spending quality time to share our passion and to create customized Anti-Aging Treatments for men and women interested in a better quality of life.

We offer affordable, yet life changing alternatives to traditional medicine, to achieve Vitality while
“Growing Old Forever Young!”.

Combining Aesthetics with innovative effective Anti-Aging Treatments such as:

Our practice does not accept  Insurance, Medicaid or Medicare.
We offer well priced Treatment Packages for Men & Women that desire to optimize and revitalize. 
Dr. Monte Slater 

We added Physician Supervised Weight Loss Programs to our Menu of Treatments!

We offer both office visits and teleconferences for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

anti-aging with hormone replacement therapy - Dr. Monte Slater

Naturally Enhance & Recapture Your Youthful Appearance

Our comprehensive list of services extends far beyond Aesthetics. Our Anti-Aging Solutions include Weight Loss and Weight Management Programs. In addition we offer Hormone Replacement Therapy and Growth Hormone Support.

Buckhead Hair Restoration is owned and operated by Dr.Monte  Slater and the team offers Hair Loss Solutions to men and women of all ethnicities. 

Dr. Monte Slater has extensive experience in Aesthetics and is a double board certified Physician.

Some of our Popular Cosmetic Procedures include the following:

Dr. Monte Slater is committed to answering all of your questions about our services and possesses the 
medical expertise to do so. We provide quality pharmaceutical grade vitamin and nutrient supplements, to enhance all aspects of Health and Wellness.

 Anti-Aging Skin Care

Physician developed skin care to improve skin health and skin texture, is available through our online store and at our office locations.

Learn MoreHave you ever thought about Liposuction but opted not to do it because you did not want to be subjected to extensive downtime or general anesthesia? We have the perfect solution to trimming your waistline in 2 hours without extensive downtime or general anesthesia. As a matter of fact, our patients walk up to 2 miles the next day. We offer PureLipo™ in our offices in Warner Robins and in Buckhead Atlanta

Contact us via email for any questions concerning one of our Anti-Aging or Cosmetic Procedure Treatments. You can also book your complimentary consult online for Warner Robins and Atlanta Location. 

Email us to: info@slatermd.com

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