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PHYSIQ Nonsurgical Body Contouring & Muscle Toning

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Experience PHYSIQ the Next Generation in nonsurgical Body Contouring and Muscle Re-Education. Physiq is now offered at our Atlanta location.  

PHYSIQ uses a new technology called STEP. STEP technology (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse) allows for targeted fat reduction and muscle toning without surgery. Dr. Monte Slater and his team at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging are one of the first Med-Spas in Georgia to offer this revolutionary treatment. What is STEP? Step technology combines electrical muscle stimulation & a superluminescent diode matrix to deliver energy pulses to the tissue and muscles through four separate applicators. 

One of our team members at our Atlanta office applies the applicators with gel pads and body bands for optimal comfort and effectively targets problem areas. 

No downtime & no discomfort with PHYSIQ

Are you dreaming of a toned tummy and slim physique? PHYSIQ’s unique system targets tissue and muscle to achieve results, unlike any other non-surgical body sculpting treatment. PHYSIQ is currently the only device on the market that utilizes STEP Technology (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse). This system provides patients with a comfortable, quick, and easy experience.

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Target problem areas and stimulate muscle

Dr. Slater is excited to introduce a treatment that targets body tissue and muscle for maximum results. The PHYSIQ skin laser, an FDA-cleared body treatment device, helps patients achieve the body they desire! Exclusively designed by Cartessa Aesthetics, PHYSIQ is currently the only device on the market that utilizes STEP Technology!

How does PHYSIQ work?

First, we choose which applicators are necessary to treat the target areas. Each applicator’s size and design produce specific benefits. The smaller-sized applicators allow Dr. Slater and his team in Atlanta to arrange them wherever we need them. The customizability is especially useful if you have treat parts of the body such as the inner thighs and flanks (“muffin top”), around the side, and back of the waist. 

Does PHYSIQ hurt? 

The short answer is no. “During the treatment, the skin’s tissue will reach and maintain its therapeutic temperature eliminating dangerous spikes. Because of the simultaneous contact cooling with SDM, the skin’s surface temperature will rise only minimally.”

Relax during your Physiq treatment!

There is no staff member present in the room during your

“PHYSIQ Body Contouring Session.” 

Don’t worry! There does not have to be a staff member present in the room during your PHYSIQ treatment unless you want to, but you will be able to control the device should the energy become too much at any point! Patients are given a control button to adjust the energy modulation and fine-tune it to their comfort level. Our qualified trained staff at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging will apply the applicators after you decide which areas to target first. Each applicator is applied to the desired area and then you are in control.

The size and design of the four applicators provide several benefits. First, the energy is emitted at a 120-degree angle from the applicator. This provides broader coverage in the underlying tissue without having to increase the size of the applicator. Smaller applicator size means they can be arranged in an ideal fashion, and it is easier to target small areas like the inner thighs and flanks.” – Cartessa. 

What To Expect?

The treatment takes less than an hour, is perfectly comfortable, and requires no downtime. Patients may experience a feeling of Muscle fatigue or slight soreness similar to the feeling experienced after a vigorous workout. This is the perfect Lunchtime treatment because it’s not painful or time-consuming like other treatments on the market today.


Before and After 1 & 2 PHYSIQ Body Contouring Treatments

Before and After 2 PHYSIQ Body Contouring Treatments with Dr. Monte Slater

Before and After 2 PHYSIQ Body Contouring Treatments with Dr. Monte Slater

Experience a more toned body with PHYSIQ

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