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ThermiTight The Secret To Tighter Skin

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Tighter Skin with ThermiTight in Buckhead Atlanta

The Minimally Invasive Solution To Tighter Skin & A More Sculpted Body THIS SUMMER! 

ThermiTight is the new way to achieve results without general anesthesia or major downtime.

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Are you having trouble obtaining your perfect body? Do you often find yourself wishing that there was a simple, pain-free way to tighten your skin and rid yourself of wrinkles / stretch marks? ThermiTight is your Answer!  Do you have a rational fear of “Going Under General Anesthesia?”  Are you looking for a way to improve your body and self-confidence, without committing to plastic surgery? The answer might be Thermi and it can be used in conjunction with liposuction. This minimally invasive teatment has been offered by Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic and Center for Anti-Aging for a few years now and it has has proven to be an effective alternative to major surgery.

Tighten your skin and boost your confidence for this summer with ThermiTight. 

At Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic in Buckhead and Atlanta (as well as our Warner Robins office), we pride ourselves in our ability to bring new, innovative cosmetic solutions to our patients that are minimally invasive and do not require major downtime.

Dr. Monte Slater and his Team chose to invest in ThermiTight

radiofrequency treatments, with the intention of offering yet another great procedure for our patients, without the need for general anesthesia, yet the results our patients desire. ThermiTight is long-lasting, minimally invasive, and effective for women and men with moderate skin laxity. 

Get tighter skin and reduce both cellulite and fat at the same time with ThermiTight and Liposuction

Treatments usually take less than one hour, and is completed with the use of radiofrequency, which is applied directly to the desired area (abdomen, thighs, arms, chin, etc.) and is used to reduce skin laxity, cellulite and fat. Immediate skin shrinkage and fat reduction are visible just a few days later and results continue to improve for the next several month and year. This is a one time treatment unlike ThermiSmooth, unless you want to address more than one area of the body at different times. Within six to eight weeks, you’ll have the body you’ve always dreamed about. PureLipo in conjunction with ThermiTight is performed when the patient has excess adipose tissue and skin. 

Dr. Slater and his team have completed hundreds of ThermiTight procedures.

A controlled amount of thermal energy is applied to the target are of your body. Then, a tiny probe provides constant feedback on the temperature of your body during ThermiTight treatment. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the Thermit Tight Treatment – please feel free to Contact us 

Not ready to commit to plastic surgery?

ThermiTight might be the answer to your needs without major surgery, and unless you have lots of access skin and need a tummy tuck, this minimally invasive alternative  promises to deliver results. Dr. Slater has performed hundreds of  ThermiTight treatments in the last 2 years and is perfect for problem areas. Dr. Slater even uses ThermiTight for double chins and its perfect for the underarm area that is so hard to tone. The abdomen, thighs, buttocks, back, and ankles are also areas on women that are often hard to address with exercise and diet alone. Clinical studies have proven that ThermiTight is both effective and safe. There are no major risks involved when you go to a board certified doctor like Dr. Monte Slater. 

 Thermi procedures usually last less than one hour – unless Dr. Slater combines the treatment with PureLipo. After a procedure, a wrap or garment may be applied. A patient can resume normal activities as soon as the next day, depending on the area that’s been treated. Most patients can walk two miles the next day.

To read what our patients have to say, Click Here

Dr. Slater is a licensed provider for all Thermi procedures. In addition to ThermiTight he offers ThermiSmooth Face and ThermiSmooth Body, and ThermiVa (the only non-surgical and pain-free female rejuvenation treatment to reduce skin laxity). 

To schedule an appointment with us call us ATLANTA: (770) 691-0151
WARNER ROBINS: (478) 225-2379 

Dr. Slater and his team provide quality care for great patients. With Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic  & Center For Anti-Aging and their minimally invasive procedures, patients can be confident in their ability to have an awesome experience that will last them a lifetime.

ThermiTight for Skin Tightening

ThermiTight-The Secret To Tighter Skin!


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