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The Summer Beauty Treatment that will keep you looking young!

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The Summer Beauty Treatment that wont stop you from having Fun in the Sun!

The Perfect Summer Beauty Treatment under $500 

Top Summer Beauty Treatment Secret - Microneedling for skin rejuvenation


How can you get rid of sun spots, reduce wrinkles and still enjoy fun in the sun? Micro-needling followed by a proper skin care regimen can surely do the trick. Certain skin types, particularly those with darker pigmentation, or hyperpigmentation do not respond well to certain laser skin rejuvenation treatments. Our team of qualified estheticians offer Micro-needling services and will suggest the best treatment options for your skin type. Many times, micro- needling will be recommended as one of the top choices during the summer time as this treatment does not require any downtime nor out of sun-time. Of course, sun protection is always recommended and overexposure to the sun is never suggested.  Micro-needling treatments can be performed to accomplish skin rejuvenation without the pain or downtime of laser treatments or deep chemical peels.

Micro-Needling can be combined with growth factor serums such as Amnion and PRP can certainly treat various skin concerns and turn back the clock of time. Of course, age, skin quality and your treatment goal will determine the number of Micro-needling sessions needed to achieve the best outcome. Your individualized treatment plan and package prices can be addressed at your free consultation with one of our qualified estheticians and Dr. Slater. 

What Is Micro-Needling and why is it the perfect Summer Beauty Treatment?

Micro-needling is also referred to as skin needling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) and does not irritate the skin like harsh laser treatments or chemical peels would.  It involves very light perforation of the skin surface via microscopic needles. There are many different types of devices that have been utilized over the years for micro-needling, including rollers and Micro-pens. The medical grade device used in our Med-Spas provide greater precision, is completely sterile and causes less abrasion than other devices. We often combine our micro-needling treatments with the application of growth factor serums and/or PRP, for a small additional fee. We use the serums or PRP during and after your micro-needling treatment. The growth factors found in Amnion and PRP promote healing and the regeneration of healthy skin. Add medical grade SPF30 or higher to protect your skin from the sun and avoid prolonged exposure without sunscreen.

When it comes to professional, skin rejuvenation treatments, choose us to gain the confidence that comes from working with a highly-regarded, double board certified physician. Dr. Slater gives direction and oversight for all the Aesthetic Services offered.

We offer two locations ( Warner Robins and Atlanta) and have a team of experienced medical estheticians available Monday through Friday from 10 am until 6 pm. Contact us for more information and treatment cost.

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