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Lose Weight & Keep It Off For Good!

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 Do You Want To Lose Weight & Maintain Your Goal Weight? 

Have you noticed the pounds creeping up?  Is your appetite out of control?

You are not alone and we have the solutions to lose the weight and keep it off for good. It seems like the pounds keep creeping up sometimes, no warning, it just happens to the best of us. Stress, age, not enough activity,  having kids, drinking to much alcohol, not drinking enough water, the list goes on and on. We can help you lose weight and help maintain your weight once you are at your goal weight.  Dr. Monte Slater’s customized  physician supervised weight loss program is easy to follow and you will have the right resources, a plan, supplements and weekly injections. He is a double board certified physician that is highly qualified to be the medical director and physician on duty to help you reach your goals.  

We all want to look our best and be at our best. Sometimes diet and exercise just doesn’t cut it, and we all need a little extra something to help us get to the next phase of our weight loss plan.  Often times when we are just starting out on a weight loss program you need to have Dr’s supervision.  With Dr. Monte Slater’s new weight loss program you will start to see the results you desire.

Physician Supervised Weight Loss & Weight Management Programs

We don’t take insurance but offer great affordable programs and have two financing options at our clinic. Care Credit and USA Lending. Ask us about how to apply when you come for your consult. 

Dr. Monte Slater and his team at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic and Center for Anti-Aging are now offering a program to fit every life style and aid in your weight loss journey at affordable prices.  Dr. Slater customizes each program depending on Patient’s health, age and their personal goals. He offers lab work to assure that thyroid function and does a basic hormone screening when needed.  Your physiological make up, everything from hormone levels and possible thyroid issues will be taken into account when determining the best personalized weight loss program for you.  As an additional aid we offer Growth Hormone Support Injections that help the body make their own growth hormones and really make a difference, particularly when it comes to patients seeking an optimal anti-aging treatment.

Growth Hormone Support is not included in the basic program and can be purchased at an additional fee of $300 per month or $850 for 3 month. The patient has to be committed to doing injections at home daily. The injections are prepared and sent to you directly. They are  not painful and will be sent in 30 day dosages. 

Some of the benefits of “Growth Hormone Support” seen in patients are:

  • Weight Loss                                       
  • Lean Muscle Gain
  • Reduction in Body Fat
  • Tighter Skin
  •  Healthier Skin 
  • Overall Well Being
  • More Energy 
lose weight & maintain your goal weight

Are you trying to lose weight? Dr. Monte Slater has developed a personalized weight loss program to aid in your weight loss journey. Click here or call today to schedule a consultation. (770) 766-9684

Lose Weight Today & Keep it off! 

Starting a weight loss journey is the hardest part about losing weight.  Eat this, don’t eat that do 1000 different types of crunches.  Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic wants you to lose weight without the usual struggle when you try on your own.  If you are not hungry and have tons of energy all the required changes are not so impossible. 

Allow Dr. Monte Slater guide you through your weight loss journey. The staff members Gail & Ellen are experienced women in their late 40’s and know how to help guide you through the process. While on this physician supervised weight loss program you will not only see your weight drop, but you will also gain lean muscle and improve your skin quality. We will give you a simple meal plan to follow and recommend 2 liters of water per day and encourage you to continue your exercise routine. 

The Weight Loss Injections include B-12  as one of the ingredients but also contains fat burning ingredients and  vitamins. The injections will  support your metabolism and help you gain energy. The ingredients are compounded by our pharmacy and are safe. 

If you don’t subscribe to the weight loss program, or are on of our weight maintenance programs, you can buy B-12 injections without taking the other supplements. Some patients bring their spouses for B-12 injections for an occasional energy boost. B-12 is a great add on to our Anti-Aging services. 

Lose Weight & Gain Your Energy Back with B12 

*We offer B-12 Shots for a small fee of $25 per injection, or $89 for 4 Injections. 

Our Weight Loss and Weight Management Programs are individualized and when followed, can be very rewarding. All programs are offered at the Atlanta location in Buckhead-Sandy Springs area and in Warner Robins. 

Offering Lipotropic Injections -lose weight and tone your bodyOur Physician Supervised Weight Loss Programs Include: 

  • Fat Burners
  • Daily Appetite Suppressants
  • Weekly Lipotropic Injections
  • Nutritional Information
  • Monthly Follow-Up Visits 

Our weight loss programs start at only $299 including supplements and fat burner injections

Dr. Slater  monitors vital signs, orders lab work and adds prescription weight loss supplements and appetite suppressants to give patient’s a jump start to their sometimes life changing journey.  We all know about the YO-YO Diet and it is annoying and not healthy. Dr. Slater & team meet with the patients once per week for their lipo-tropic injections. Anti-Aging Treatments include Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women 40 and up. Non-surgical options for skin tightening  and cellulite that can be addressed during and after weight loss.

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