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MICRO-NEEDLING with RF to Tighten Skin

Micro-Needling with RF to tighten skin is the latest technology & science has to offer and is quickly becoming a popular treatment option in the USA.  Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging is excited to offer the Vivace Micro-Needling RF Treatment to tighten skin and much more. Many aestheticians combine this treatment with PRP or other growth factor serums.  You can really see the results within as little as a few days of the first treatment. No downtime required. The protocol does require 3 treatments for best results.

The Vivace is used for face and body and has been a revolutionary treatment for active acne. Amnion,  one of the most powerful growth factor serums can visibly reverse skin damage. Read all about treatments available on this site by visiting the services tabs. In order to produce the best longest lasting results, it is important to follow up with a great Anti-Aging Skin Care such as skinbetter science. 


The Vivace Micro-Needling RF system to tighten skin offers a more sustainable solution by naturally stimulating collagen and elastin with minimal epidermal damage, but enough to cause micro-drama and delivers radiofrequency which stimulates collagen production and shrinks tissue. Vivace treatments are proven to reduce the appearance of common facial and body skin laxity, wrinkles, acne, acne scars,  and sun damage. The  Vivace Micro-Needling RF Treatment is among 2017’s top trends for skin rejuvenation. To contact us for more information on 2017 treatments for skin rejuvenation simply submit your appointment request online or call us at 770-766–9684. The Vivace Treatment is only available at our Buckhead Atlanta Office at this time. 

Vivace RF to tightent skin



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