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Get the answers about the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure!

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Dr. Slater is Warner Robin’s Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Doctor 

Trim your waistline in 2 hours and get the butt you always wanted with Dr. Slater in Warner RobinsThe best part is that the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure does not require general anesthesia and most patients can walk up to 2 miles the next day! 

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Benefits:Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

  • No General Anesthesia
  • Minimally Invasive
  • No Removal Of Excess Skin
  • Transfer Fat from Your Own Body
  • No Scars
  • Minimal Recovery
  • Lose Inches In Other Areas Of The Body
  • Get A Bigger Rounder Butt


Liposuction Expert

Dr. Monte Slater is a double board certified physician that specializes in Liposuction with “Fat Transfer”.
The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure requires a liposuction followed by infusing the patient’s own fat into the areas of the buttocks that need shape and fullness. Genetics can cause women to have a flat buttock, or aging and weight loss can cause the butt to droop or be lumpy and unshapely. If that is the case, call Dr. Slater to the rescue. Though his main clinic is located in Warner Robins Georgia, He travels to his Buckhead Atlanta Office to offer the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure. Unlike an implant, fat feels natural, not only to the patient but also to the patient’s significant other. Of course, if the patient has no body fat or lots of extra skin in the buttocks area, the implant may be the only option. Dr. Slater does not perform this type of procedure and would refer the patient to someone who does. In order to determine to see if you are a good candidate, you must schedule your complimentary consult with him at his Warner Robins (near Macon), or at his Buckhead -Atlanta Clinic. The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure does not require skin excision as the loose skin is filled in with the fat taken from other areas of the body. The ideal areas are the abdomen, flanks, and back. The liposuction is the first part of the procedure, followed by the injections with fat to various areas of the butt.


What to consider: Always share the facts about your medical history and discuss possible issues that can cause health risks!

Dr. Slater often gets questions about being able to use other people’s fat for the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure, the answer is no. In order for the fat to take it must come from the patient’s own fat. It is also important to know that you cannot smoke several weeks prior to the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure and a minimum of 8 weeks after. Preferably no smoking at all.  Smoking constricts the blood vessels and prevents the fat to settle and stay in place. Dr. Slater practices save medicine and he adheres to medical protocols. No diabetic can have this procedure due to health risks such as infection and not being able to heal properly. Please be sure to share your medical history truthfully to protect yourself and to prevent life-threatening situations. The healing time varies in healthy patients and depends on a variety of factors. Expectations of the outcome and realistic goals are set at the consult. There is not one fit for all with this type of procedure and Dr. Slater’s team will discuss price, financing options and what the next step is when you come in for your free consult. 

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