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Atlanta Vampire Facial


Want to turn back the hands of time? Reverse sun damage? Erase deep wrinkles and crow’s feet? How about erasing deep acne scars and pitting? Finally, there is a surgical free option that achieves all these goals. The Vampire Facial™ also known as PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma, utilizes your own bodies healing ability to stimulate skin recovery and smoothing. Available at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic. PRP is on the cutting edge of regenerative therapies.

Vampire Facelift Buckhead Atlanta

The Vampire FaceLift®

This skin care procedure also makes use of your body’s best defenses; your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), but involves the injection of your PRP sub-dermally or under the skin. Whereas the Vampire Facial™ is topical in nature, the Vampire FaceLift® goes under the skin and typically involves the injection of a filler such as Juvéderm.

The Vampire Facial™

Involves the use of an ‘aerating’ Dermapen for micro needling. This type of procedure has been around for years and with recent advances in skin care technology it’s making a tremendous comeback in the market. Dr. Monte Slater uses the Dermapen to gently aerate the skin, and then topically applies serums or skin care products. The tiny micro perforations made by the Dermapen allow for easier absorption of serum, product or even your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP); hence the name Vampire Facial™. The Dermapen has proven extremely useful in the removal of tattoos, treating skin scarring and a host of other skin care procedures.

Vampire Facial Buckhead Atlanta
Dr. Charles Runels participated in Dr. Slaters Vampire Procedure Physician Training Camp. We are honored to have him here at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic!

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