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Beautiful Forever

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You Are Beautiful Forever-Your Inner Beauty Makes You Unique & One Of A Kind.  Now You Can Feel  Beautiful Forever from the inside out  and outside in.  Dr. Monte Slater offers the latest aesthetic and anti-aging treatments. His treatment options include: Aesthetics: Facial Injectables, Facial & Body Tightening and Lifting, Physician Supervised Weight Loss Plans, Hair Restoration, PRP Treatments, Sexual Health Optimization, Liposuction, Fat Transfer, ask us about additional treatments offered. Anti-Aging: Dr. Monte Slater’s first  goal is patient safety. He optimizes his patients from the inside out by  utilizing Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy,  Adult Stem Cell Treatments, PRP Treatments and  Amnion Growth Factor Treatments.

Uniquely Different & Beautiful Forever

Beautiful Forever

  Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments

(PRP) Platlet Rich plasma treatments utilize the plasma in your own blood.  Believe it or not your own blood contains the power to heal and rejuvenate your Body, Face and Scalp.  Researchers found that platelet rich plasma contains 8 identifiable growth factors that can help in cell regeneration and cell repair. PRP is like a cheerleader for our body. PRP Treatments offered include: Scalp therapy for hair growth, facial & body rejuvenation treatments, joint injections and soft tissue injections.

Dr.Charles Runels trademarked the following PRP Treatments: Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift,Vampire Breast Lift and the O-Shot  & P-Shot. Read more about these procedures on our site.

Dr. Monte Slater is a Vampire Procedure Trainer for physicians and offers all treatments in 2 locations, Warner Robins Georgia and Buckhead Atlanta Georgia. 

The Vampire Facial: Involves the use of  eclipse micropen for micro needling. The tiny micro perforations  allow for easier absorption of serum, product or even your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP); hence the name Vampire Facial™. The treatment has proven extremely useful in treating skin scarring, hyper pigmentations, volume loss from aging, wrinkles, large pores active acne and a host of other skin care procedures.

The O-ShotThe O-Shot for women is a trademarked  PRP treatment, only allowed to be offered by registered providers. The O-Shot can aid in improving sexual health and limit moderate urinary stress incontinence. Many women decide to receive this treatment to enhance their intimate life after many years of marriage, or to simply get a jump start on preventing the lack of desire and to improve orgasmic function. Dr. Slater is a board certified OBGYN, which means he is a female health advocate and loves helping women maximize their life while aging gracefully. 

The P-Shot:  The P-Shot aids in sexual optimization for men.  The P-Shot is another trademarked treatment and is owned by Dr. Charles Runels. PRP injected into the penis creates the possibility to increase size and girth, increase sensitivity, increase erection function, improve libido and increases orgasmic function. There is no serious side effects noted. Dr. Slater has given hundreds of P-Shots to men of all ages and the overall feedback is great. 

Vampire Breast Lift: PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment invented and trademarked by Dr. Charles Runels- The Vampire Breast Lift  is completed via PRP injections to the breast, nipples and cleavage area, to increase fullness and sensitivity. This procedure can be combined with fat transfer, which requires liposuction. 

Amnion Micro-Needling: PRP is affected by the patients age and health, which is why Dr. Slater offers an alternative to PRP. “Amnion,” containing 120 growth factors or more is not dependent on the growth factors of  your own blood, which can be effected by health and age. Amnion is FDA approved and a safe Anti-Aging Treatment. The Genesis Facial Is Our Very Own Trademarked Beauty Facial. Contact us to find out more. Though we cannot tell you every ingredient used, you will love it and feel beautiful forever! 

ThermiVa News-Feel Beautiful Forever

Feel Beautiful Forever With ThermiVA treatments women can expect to experience feminine rejuvenation unlike anything they thought would be possible going forward with their lives. Most patients say they feel like a new woman after treatment, many enjoying better sexual satisfaction than ever before.Thermi Procedures Smooth and Tighten Your Skin for Face-Body -Intimate Area for women

Thermi Procedures Smooth and Tighten Your Skin for Face-Body -Intimate Area

For women Signs of aging skin, can include cellulite, loose skin and wrinkles. ThermiSmooth for Face and Body uses the science of heat to tighten and smooth skin. Feel free to explore ThermiVa for vaginal tightening and limitation of urinary stress incontinence.  ThermiTigh was developed  to reduce fat and tighten skin under local anesthesia and is often used during liposuction with fat transfer. ThermiSmoothFace and ThermismoothBody are external pain free treatments. ThermiSmooth and ThermiTight can both be used on the face, chin, neck, chest area, arms, flanks, buttocks, thighs, lower legs, abs & back.

Injectables (Dermal Fillers) to keep you beautiful forever

Dermal Fillers help limit wrinkles and unwanted facial lines and restore volume as well as fullness to the aging face.

Dermal Fillers offered include Restylane Products, Dysport, Sculptra, Juvederm Products & Botox.  Injectables can make the face appear younger and fuller, as well as plump lips and reduce fine lines and wrinkles in areas such as under the eyes and above the lip. 

Dermal Fillers are considered minimally invasive and are a great alternative to having surgery. Injectables require no downtime and have very little side effects. Dermal Fillers generally last 6 month. Sculptra and Voluma last around 18 Month. 

Weight Loss Solutions

Dr. Monte Slater has developed a weight loss program to help you succeed in your weight loss goals.  Dr. Slater has combined Lipotropic injections, natural hormone replacement therapy, fat burners and appetite suppressants to aid in the weight loss.  We also guide your through the proper nutrition your body needs in order to achieve your weight loss goals. Growth Hormone Support is available for patients that are candidates. 

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy – Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

As we age our hormone levels change and become less than optimal, which can cause many ailments. Women may suffer from fatigue, weight gain, irritability, lack of sex-drive, hair loss and skin issues can also be a side effect. In men hormone replacement therapy can help achieve, lean muscle gain, fat reduction, increase in libido, more energy and an improvement in fine motor skills and overall feeling of wellness.  Take our hormone quiz for men and women.

Whatever aging issues you are facing, know that you are not alone.  Dr. Monte Slater strives to improve the aging process in men and women. Stay beautiful forever and contact us today! (770) 766-9684

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