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Save on cosmetic procedures in 2017

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The new year is approaching at light speed, and after an indulgent holiday season and summer beach time quickly approaching, it’s time to get your body in shape. Save On Cosmetic Procedures in 2017 and feel your best!

The New Year brings New Goals & New Beginnings

 Save On Cosmetic Procedures in 2017 and feel your best!

If you have not reached your fitness goals contact Dr. Salter. It’s time to get your body in shape. Save On Cosmetic Procedures in 2017 and feel your best!

So, you have not reached your fitness goals in 2016 but feel you’ve tried everything. There are many options in the anti-aging realm that can help you achieve your fitness and body image goals in 2017. You can save on cosmetic procedures in 2017 at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic in Warner Robins and Atlanta! The best part? Great results for 2017 with Dr. Monte Slater, our board certified physician with over 30 years experience in medicine.

Save on cosmetic procedures in 2017

Save 15% On Cosmetic Procedures when you book for 2017 and prepay by January 31st, 2017.

Save on cosmetic procedures in 2017 and feel and look great in 2017. We can help you reach your body goals and look your best now and for years to come. We offer interest-free financing through Care Credit and offer affordable Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift.

Choose your procedure and save! Simple right? Yes!

Some popular cosmetic procedures you can save on in 2017

  1. Brazilian Butt Lift: The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of our more popular procedures, especially in Warner Robins, Georgia. Dr. Slater is known as the “butt doctor” and leaves everyone looking fabulous. The Brazilian Butt Lift uses fat transfer in order to get your the butt you’re looking for. Many celebrities have had the Brazilian Butt Lift to achieve Hollywood status butts!
  2. Liposuction: Liposuction can help you melt those few extra stubborn pounds. You can also have liposuction in combination with a fat transfer procedure that can help you get a better-looking butt or even fuller breasts.
  3. Thermi Procedures: Thermi is a radio frequency cosmetic procedure that you can save on cosmetic procedures in 2017. Thermi can smooth wrinkles and is FDA approved to reduce cellulite.
  4. Dr. Supervised Weight Loss: The weight-loss plans are individualized and effective. All programs are offered at the Atlanta location in Buckhead-Sandy Springs area and in Warner Robins. Our Physician Supervised Weight Loss Programs Include: Fat Burners, Daily Appetite Suppressants, Weekly Lipotropic Injections, Nutritional Information, Monthly Follow-Up Visits.  The price for the program is $299 per month without Growth Hormone Support. *We offer B-12 Shots for a small fee of $25 per injection, or $89 for 4 Injections.
  5. Injectables: There are many injectables out there from Botox to Juvederm that can aid with reducing wrinkles and making the face appear younger and smoother, brighter skin.

Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic and Center for Anti-Aging and Dr. Monte Slater in Buckhead and Warner Robins, GA will not only help you save on cosmetic procedures in 2017, but we will also help you make 2017 your healthiest and most beautiful year of all.

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